Print X7
Standard Configuration for End of Line Inspection of IML Tubs
•Vacuum Conveyor with Multi Camera Assembly
•Print Inspection of IML Tubs and other Containers
System Characteristics
PC Industrial Intel i7 Platform         
Win 10 Embedded                 
solid State M.2. 250Gb   
Cameras USB3,Digital Colour ccd,
resolution 800x 800pix
Illumination Solid Sate Cool White
Collimated Multi Ring
Motors Nema 42 24V 8nm Stepper
Automation I2S proprietary
Programmable 38 port IO
Pump 700W AC vacuum
Frame All stainless steel
L1080 x W800 x H2100
Fixtures Coated Aluminium
Conveyor Single Vacuum Conveyor
L1650x H950mm
extendable infeed/exit up to 3m
Speed up to >1000ppm
(part dependant)
Power Usage <1.1kW

system powered by
ideal vector x
proprietary machine vision toolkit includes
self teach sensitivity adjustment statistical analysis
of rejects by mould number